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Embroidery Workshop - Florals in Bloom KASIA JACQUOT


Florals in Bloom Cotton on Linen Embroidery - KASIA JACQUOT

This workshop will leave you happy and immersed in

colour and texture. Kasia teaches a variety of stitches,

colour combinations as well as bringing different stitches

together to create new and exciting effects. You will learn

that stitching flowers and leaves is easy, fast and fun and

so importantly how to easily transfer a pattern onto your

own fabric. Most of all you’ll discover ways of combining

your own colours and stitches to create endless new

styles of your own. This workshop is for you if you’re

excited about quick large embroideries in bold colours

and easy stitches.

All materials and a delicious morning tea will be provided for this class.

$140 pp

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